Impulse and Damped Magnetic Field Test:

The susceptibility of electronic devices to magnetic fields is evaluated using impulse magnetic field testing and damped magnetic field testing.

Impulse Magnetic Field Testing:

  • In this test, electronic devices are subjected to brief pulses or impulses of sudden, high-intensity magnetic fields. It’s designed to simulate scenarios such as lightning strikes, electromagnetic pulses (EMPs), or other transient magnetic field events.
  • The goal is to see how well devices can stand up to these sudden and intense changes in the magnetic field and keep working without getting damaged, lost data, or damaged.
    The Impulse Magnetic Field Testing IEC/BS EN 61000-4-9 is a standard that specifies test procedures and immunity levels.

Damped Magnetic Field Testing:

  • A device’s response to a magnetic field that gradually decays is evaluated through damp magnetic field testing. This test frequently includes an attractive field produced by a swaying or resounding circuit that progressively lessens after some time.
  • The objective is to assess the device’s susceptibility to sustained but diminishing magnetic fields, which might be caused by equipment nearby or other electromagnetic sources. The test helps ensure the device can maintain proper functionality even when exposed to such magnetic field variations.
  • The Damped Magnetic Field-Testing IEC/BS EN 61000-4-10 is a standard that indicates test systems and immunity levels.

Both of these tests are important components of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) assessments. Passing these evaluations demonstrates that electronic devices can operate as intended in environments where magnetic fields fluctuate, meeting industry standards and ensuring reliability in real-world scenarios where magnetic field disturbances might occur.

Magnetic Field Immunity Test
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