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durability testing lab in chennai

This test is intended to identify any mechanical defects and/or degradation in the specified performance of the specimens. By using this data in conjunction with the applicable specification, the acceptability of the specimens will be determined. The test method is sometimes utilized to demonstrate the mechanical strength of specimens and/or to examine their dynamic behavior. Additionally, component categorization can be performed by selecting severity from the list provided in the test.

Industries like electronics, automotive, aerospace, and construction heavily depend on environmental testing to validate their products. It guarantees compliance with regulatory standards and ensures consistent reliability over the products’ lifecycle. These evaluations are pivotal for manufacturers as they enable the identification of weaknesses, facilitate design enhancements, and solidify the quality and durability of their offerings.

Standards NameStandards No
Vibration (Sinusoidal)IEC 60068-2-6
Vibration, Broadband RandomIEC BS EN 60068-2-64
SeismicIEC BS EN 60068-3-3
Shock & BumpIEC 60068-2-27

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