Surge Telecom Test

A surge test in EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) is an evaluation conducted to assess a device’s resilience against sudden, short-duration voltage spikes or surges. Surges can be caused by various factors, including lightning strikes, switching operations in power grids, or other disturbances in electrical systems. These high-energy surges can potentially damage electronic devices or disrupt their functionality if they are not adequately protected.

  • During the surge test, the device is subjected to a controlled surge of electrical energy. This energy is applied in the form of short, high-voltage pulses to simulate real-world surge events. The purpose is to determine if the device can withstand these surges without malfunctioning, sustaining damage, or causing electromagnetic interference to other nearby devices.
  • Compliance with surge testing standards is essential for gaining certifications and approvals necessary for commercializing electronic products in various markets worldwide. These standards vary across regions and industries, so it’s crucial for manufacturers to ensure their products meet the specific surge test requirements relevant to their target markets.
  • IEC/BS EN 61000-4-5 is a standard that specifies test procedures and immunity levels.
Surge Test
LevelTest Voltage kVMaximum Peak Current A

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