Environmental testing :

ARRAA Labs is the best environmental testing lab in Chennai for all electrical and electronic equipment’s dry heat, damp heat, steady state, cold, and change of temperature testing.

The process of exposing products, materials, or systems under controlled conditions to simulate real-world environmental conditions is known as environmental testing. Its primary goal is to determine how useful, reliable, and long-lasting they are in various situations. This assessment envelops exposing items or materials to a range of ecological circumstances, pointed toward checking their exhibition and versatility.

Environmental testing is heavily used by industries like electronics, automotive, aerospace, and construction to validate products, guaranteeing that they meet regulatory standards and remain reliable over time. These appraisals are instrumental for makers, empowering them to pinpoint shortcomings, refine plans, and assurance the quality and solidness of their contributions.

Standards NameStandards NoTest Levels
Dry Heat TestIEC BS EN 60068-2-2Temp: 30 to 175°C
Cold TestIEC BS EN 60068-2-1Temp: -40 to 5°C
Damp Heat, Steady StateIEC BS EN 60068-2-78Temp: 30 & 40 ± 2 °C;Hum: 93 & 85± 3 %
Damp Heat, CyclicIEC BS EN 60068-2-30Temp:40 & 55 °C
Change of TemperatureIEC BS EN 60068-2-14Temp: -40 to 175°C

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