EFT (Electrical Fast Transient) Test

The EFT (Electrical Fast Transient) Test is an evaluation conducted on electronic devices to measure their resilience against abrupt voltage variations or fast transients. These transient voltages are often caused by switching operations, such as inductive loads turning off or on, lightning strikes, or electrical disturbances in the environment. The purpose of the EFT test is to ensure that the device can withstand these sudden voltage changes without malfunctioning or sustaining damage.

  • During the test, the device under examination is subjected to quick, high-energy electrical pulses to simulate these transient events. The pulses typically vary in frequency and amplitude, mimicking real-world scenarios. The device’s performance is observed to ensure that it continues to function as intended and complies with industry standards or regulations regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and product safety.
  • Product compliance testing involves a series of evaluations and assessments that products undergo to ensure they meet specific regulatory standards, industry requirements, or safety protocols.
  • IEC/BS EN 61000-4-4 is a standard that specifies test procedures and immunity levels.

  • Electrical Fast Transient@ 5 or 100 kHz
    LevelPower ports, Earth port (PE) in kVSignal and control ports in kV

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