Harmonics and Flicker Testing:

Harmonics and flicker testing are crucial assessments used to evaluate the quality of electrical power and the performance of electronic devices when exposed to certain types of disturbances or fluctuations in the power supply.

Harmonics Testing:

  • Harmonics refer to electrical waveforms or signals that occur at frequencies that are multiples of the fundamental frequency of the power supply (usually 50 Hz or 60 Hz in AC power systems).
  • The testing involves measuring the levels of harmonics generated by the device or assessing its immunity to harmonics present in the power supply. Compliance with standards ensures that devices don’t produce excessive harmonics or are resilient against these harmonic distortions.
  • Harmonics limits in accordance with IEC/BS EN 61000 3-2

 Flicker Testing:

  • Flicker refers to rapid variations in brightness or intensity of lighting or displays, typically caused by fluctuations in voltage. It can be visually perceived as a rapid, repetitive change in brightness.
  • Flicker testing evaluates how electronic devices respond to voltage fluctuations that can lead to visible flickering, which might impact user experience or cause discomfort.
  • The test measures the device’s susceptibility to voltage fluctuations and its ability to maintain stable operation or lighting output without causing flickers that could affect users or other equipment.
  • Flicker limits in accordance with IEC/BS EN 61000 3-2

Both harmonics and flicker testing are critical in ensuring that electronic devices comply with industry standards for power quality and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Passing these tests ensures that devices operate reliably, don’t introduce disturbances into the power supply, and don’t suffer from or cause issues related to harmonic distortions or flickering, thereby meeting regulatory requirements and providing a better user experience.

Harmonics Current Emission Test
Harmonic Order (n)Maximum permissible Harmonic current (A)
Odd harmonics
15£ n £ 390.15 (15/n)
Even harmonics
8£ n £ 400.23 (8/n)

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