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EMI EMC Testing :

If you looking for the best EMI EMC testing services in Chennai, Contact our ARRRAA Labs and get the reasonable EMI EMC test results and certification. Testing for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) is essential for ensuring that electronic devices adhere to regulatory standards and operate without interference in their intended environments.

EMI Testing :

A device’s electromagnetic emissions are evaluated during EMI testing to ensure that they are within acceptable limits established by regulatory bodies. These outflows might possibly disturb other close by devices or systems.

EMC Testing :

EMC testing, on the other hand, ensures that electronic devices can function in their intended environments without being affected by external sources of electromagnetic interference. It evaluates a device’s resistance to such obstruction and its capacity to work appropriately regardless of outer electromagnetic unsettling influences. These tests are crucial for a variety of industries, including consumer electronics, aerospace, automotive, and telecommunications, to guarantee that devices don’t interfere with one another, work reliably in their intended environments, and comply with regulatory requirements.


Standards Name Standards No 
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) IEC/BS EN 61000-4-2 
Electrical Fast Transient/Burst Immunity Test (EFT) IEC/BS EN 61000-4-4 
Surge Immunity test IEC/BS EN 61000-4-5 
Impulse Magnetic Field Immunity Test IEC/BS EN 61000-4-9 
Ring Wave Immunity IEC/BS EN 61000-4-12 
Damped Oscillatory Wave Immunity test. IEC/BS EN 61000-4-18 
Damped oscillatory magnetic field immunity test. IEC/BS EN 61000-4-10 
Limit for Harmonics Current Emission Test IEC/BS EN 61000-3-2 
Limitation of Voltage Change, Voltage Fluctuations, and flicker test IEC/BS EN 61000-3-3 
Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity Test IEC/BS EN 61000-4-8 
Ripple on d.c. input power port immunity test IEC/BS EN 61000-4-17 
Voltage Dips, Short Interruptions and Voltage Variations on D.C. Input Power Port Immunity Tests IEC/BS EN 61000-4-29 
Voltage Dips, Short Interruption &Voltage Variations Immunity test IEC/BS EN 61000 4-11 
Immunity To Conducted Disturbances, Induced by Radio-Frequency Fields IEC/BS EN 61000-4-6  

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