Damp Heat, Steady State :

The Damp Heat, Steady State Test measures electrical and electronic equipment’s performance and dependability when subjected to high humidity and elevated temperatures for an extended period of time. The purpose of the test is to see if the equipment can function in such an environment without becoming significantly deteriorated or damaged.

Electrical and electronic equipment used in a variety of industries, including but not limited to telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications, are all subject to this test.

The gear is commonly positioned in a test chamber where the temperature and mugginess levels are controlled and checked.

Criteria for Achievement: The equipment is evaluated both during and after the test to ensure that it does not suffer significant degradation or damage and continues to function as intended. The acceptance criteria that the equipment must meet to pass the test are outlined in the standard.

IEC BS EN 60068-2-78 is a standard that indicates test strategies and test levels.

Damp Heat, Steady State
TEMPERATURE (°C)Relative Humidity %Duration
30 ± 293 ± 312h
30 ± 285 ± 316h
40 ± 293 ± 324h
40 ± 285 ± 32 days
4 days
10 days
21 days
56 days

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