Mechanical Durability Testing

mechanical durability testing

Mechanical Durability helps manufacturers to ensure the quality and reliability of complete products and their components. Durability Testing Types Vibration Shock Siesmic Vibration Vibration Response Test Vibration Endurance Test Shock Shock Test Shock Response Test Shock Withstand Test Bump Test Siesmic Other Testing: Sine dwell Vibration testing Random Vibration Testing Sine on Random testing Cargo […]

Electronic Electrical Products Testing

electronic electrical equipment testing.

Overview Overheating, electrical shock, vibration, and explosion are all safety hazards that should be investigated in electronic products. We at ARRAA Labs provide quick and effective testing solutions. Our cutting-edge laboratories are used to provide electronic product inspection and certification services. Going from home devices, IT hardware to electronic toys, entertainment and gaming machines, we […]

Shock and Vibration Testing

shock and vibration testing

WHAT IS SHOCK AND VIBRATION TESTING? The purpose of shock and vibration testing is to evaluate the wide range of impacts that goods may experience during their distribution cycle. Shock tests and vibration tests have extremely exact qualities and can be executed freely or together inside a convention. WHY IS SHOCK AND VIBRATION TESTING IMPORTANT? […]