EMI EMC Test Standards

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EMI EMC Test Types Electrostatic discharge immunity test(ESD test) Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test Surge immunity test AC Voltage Dips Testing DC Voltage Dips Testing Ripple Immunity Testing Magnetic Field Testing The power frequency magnetic field immunity test Harmonics Emission Flicker Emission The damped oscillatory wave The Ring Wave Test Conducted Disturbance RF Test Common […]

Types of Common EMC Immunity Tests

EMC Immunity Test Immunity testing is just the application of a few electromagnetic phenomena to your equipment. Some of the EMC immunity tests involve continuous, usually modulated waves, while others involve transient, very brief bursts. Over a period of time (minutes to hours), your product is subjected to the continuous tests. It’s possible that the […]

Electric Vehicle Testing

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From a testing and certification perspective, rapidly advancing electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs) bring together two previously separate worlds: the automotive industry (ISO standards) and the electrical industry (IEC standards). To support this global transition to EVs, ARRAA Labs offers a diverse portfolio of testing and measurement services for its customers, providing bespoke […]

Electronic Electrical Products Testing

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Overview Overheating, electrical shock, vibration, and explosion are all safety hazards that should be investigated in electronic products. We at ARRAA Labs provide quick and effective testing solutions. Our cutting-edge laboratories are used to provide electronic product inspection and certification services. Going from home devices, IT hardware to electronic toys, entertainment and gaming machines, we […]

What is EMI EMC Testing and Importance

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Why EMI and EMC Testing Important? EMI EMC testing is a basic move toward bringing a new product for sale to the public. This testing guarantees that new products being worked on can function as expected when involved with current gadgets and systems in their common working climate. What is EMI Testing? EMI represents Electromagnetic […]