Industrial and Residential Electrical Equipment Testing Lab in Chennai

industrial electrical equipment safety testing

If you are looking for an industrial and residential electrical equipment safety testing lab in Chennai, ARRAA Labs can help!. We are one of the best EMI EMC, and environmental and durability testing service providers in India. We can do industrial and residential electrical equipment testing as per IEC, IS, EN, ISO, and BIS standards. […]

Relay Testing Lab in Chennai

relay testing lab in chennai

ARRAA Labs is widely recognized in Chennai for its expertise in relay testing. Our relay testing services are designed to pinpoint potential faults and weaknesses in relays of all makes and applications. Equipped with advanced technology solutions, our team excels in conducting thorough relay testing. Our Relay Testing Services Measuring relays and protection equipment Relay […]

Products Testing Laboratory in Chennai

arraalabs emi emc test

As a leading products testing laboratory in Chennai, ARRAA Labs itself is NABL-certified and offers a comprehensive range of EMC/EMI, durability, vibration, and environmental tests for a large variety of electrical and electronic products  that are reliable and safe. We are committed to equipping you with the appropriate resources and assistance to handle the intricacies […]

Drone Testing Laboratory In Chennai

drone safety testing lab in chennai

ARRAA Labs offers manufacturing safety and security-related drone inspections, testing, and certification services. We specialize in safety testing across various fields and products, including IT, industrial and residential electrical and electronics, drones, telecommunications, automotive, relays, medical equipment, and more. Our Drone Testing Services includes Dry Heat Test Cold Test Damp Heat, Steady State Test Damp […]

IEC 60068-2-1, IEC 60068-2-2 Change of Temperature Test

Change of Temperature Test

Change of Temperature Test : Lower Temperature (TA) refers to IEC 60068-2-1, and Higher Temperature (TB) refers to IEC 60068-2-2 testing, also called the change of temperature test. This change of temperature test is intended to determine the ability of electronic and electrical equipment components and other items to withstand a change of temperature or […]

Ring Wave Immunity Test

Ring Wave Immunity Test

The ring wave test is expected to simulate voltage disturbances that can happen on account of operations, similar to those achieved by fast switching semiconductor devices. The goal is to evaluate the device’s immunity to these ring wave transients, guaranteeing that it keeps on working without being adversely impacted by the sudden voltage changes. The […]

Damped Oscillatory Wave Immunity Test

Damped Oscillatory Wave Immunity Test

Damped Oscillatory Wave Immunity Test test procedures and immunity level require standard IEC/BS EN 61000-4-18. It provides a high-accuracy test solution for damping the oscillatory wave immunity of electronic products. This test simulates a sort of voltage transient brought about by the switching of inductive loads or switching tasks in electrical systems. The intention is […]

EFT and ESD Testing | Procedure | Standard

EFT ESD Testing EFT and ESD testing are part of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and are focused on the impact that the operational environment can have on equipment under test (EUT). EFT (Electrical Fast Transient) Testing An immunity test called EFT testing is used to see how electrical and electronic equipment responds to interference. EFT testing […]

Electronics and Electrical Testing Laboratory

ARRAA Labs is a professional laboratory for all household appliances, industrial electronics, and electrical testing and certification providers located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Our aim is to provide testing and calibration of measuring instruments and equipment. We offer testing solutions that are fast and efficient. Inspection and certification services for electronic products for safety-related issues […]